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Our Hotel Reception team

Opening ceremony

Mr. Soybal Kanti Das (Divisional Police Commissioner), Mr. Talukder Md. Younis (Honorable Member of the Parliament) along with Hotel Sedona International's Chairman and MD in opening ceremony.

Our Conference Hall

Our Barisal City

Barisal city landscape view from Hotel Sedona International.

Hotel Sedona International

Welcome to Hotel Sedona International Pvt. Ltd.

Hotel Sedona is one of the best aristocratic residential hotels in Barisal, Bangladesh. It is situated at the center point of Barisal. There is a big conference room (community centre) with a space of 2320 square-feet, in the 9th floor, well decorated with projector and sound system etc. our bed rooms are full swing. The buildings are of ultra modern pattern and constructed following building codes with all protective measures of earthquake, cyclone etc. The rooms are very standard in size and well furnished, decorated with all modern electrical and electronic appliances, so that you can enjoy your holidays in the hotel premises with much pleasure. There is also a river on the east side of the hotel which is very attractive for boat riding and fishing. We serve world class food like Bangladeshi and Chinese.

Sightseeing is available with class one tourist guide to visit the most attractive and recreational points of Barisal as Kirtonkhola river, Muktijoddha Park, Planet World Park, Aswani Kumar Town Hall, B.M. College, Ghthia Mosque, Goila Ma Monosah Temple, Durgasagar Dighi, Narikel Bagan, Airport, Sikarpur Bridge, Dapdopia Bridge, Aroj Ali Matuubbor Library, Home of Jibonanonda Das, Kalibari Temple of Mukumda Das and so beautiful Baptist & Chatholic Church.

Here to watch this most uncommon and eye catching sceneries. Are you on a business, pleasure or a short trip? Why not feel the touch of comfort and Hotel Sedona hospitality!

Message from MD

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Hotel Sedona International. Hotel Sedona International is a deluxe hotel providing world class services. Hotel Sedona International is an addition made to the hotel business in Barisal (Bangladesh) that is determined to offer a great blend of courtesy, comfort and care.

Barisal - City at a Glance

Barisal is one of the major cities in Bangladesh. It is originally 142 km away from the capital “Dhaka” but 373 km away by road from Dhaka. It is an old river-port on the river “Kirtankhola”, on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh.

Our Heritage

In ancient name Barisal was a kingdom Chandradwip. The capital of this kingdom was at Bakla. The founder of the kingdom was Danuj Madhav or Danuj Mardhan Dev. Then in British period it became a district and named as Bakerganj.